How to visit the islands of Ithaca and Cerophonus in Lefkada?

In the Ionian Ocean in western Greece lie the beautiful islands of Ithaca and Cerophon, which are a popular tourist destination. From Lefkada, the nearest town, it is possible to admire a spectacular landscape of natural retreat and discover the rich history, culture and heritage of these islands. This blog post will introduce you to the must-see things to do on Ithaca and Cerophonus, as well as how to get there from Lefkada and enjoy the extraordinary beauty of both islands.

What to see in Lefkada?

Lefkada is a Greek island that offers visitors a variety of incredible landscapes and sights. Teeming with wildlife, this island is the perfect playground for nature lovers to enjoy an invigorating and lush atmosphere.

Lefkada’s beaches offer spectacular views of the ocean and are perfect for spending memorable afternoons. Banovo beach is the most popular. It is famous for its turquoise waters and white sand.

You can also go on an adventure to the ruins of the ancient city dating back to the 4th century BC, which is home to incredible remains, such as walls, temples and monuments. The area is also known for its many sea caves which offer magnificent views.

A visit to Lefkada is not complete without a stop at the lively town of Lefkada, which is home to outstanding sites such as the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Naval Arts and which attracts tourists from all over the world every year. Here you will find shops, bars and restaurants serving delicious food.

Visit the islands of Ithaca and Cerophon by boat

Exploring the Ionian Islands is an exciting and relaxing adventure. The best way to explore them is to rent a boat in Lefkada. On a tour from Lefkada to Ithaca and Cerophon, you are sure to be charmed by the beauty of the landscape.

Along your journey, you will see small fishing villages along the waterfalls along the steep shores of the island and you will surely be surprised by the variety of hues of the turquoise waters in the Ionian Sea.

Once in Ithaca and Cerophon, you will be amazed by the beauty of the brightly coloured landscapes and the way the waters flow onto the mainland. You’ll also explore the islands’ caves and historical sites.

It will be a wonderful adventure that you will never forget! So what are you going to take on this trip? A camera, a good book and water for the summer heat? You’re sure to have a wonderful time!

Different means of transport

Transport is an essential part of travelling and getting around. In many places, various means are offered for you to enjoy your trip.

For example, in Lefkada you can travel on foot or by bicycle. The mountains also offer opportunities for mountain biking, tubing and climbing. If you prefer to travel by water, take to the marinas and embark on a day or short cruise!

For longer journeys, open-top intercity buses are available to get around the region. In addition, the aerial metro system will allow you to travel easily and at a fraction of the cost of other means of transport.

Finally, for those who choose to explore the island by car, you will find a large number of rental stations available at very competitive rates and convenient locations. Whatever your preferred means of transport, Lefkada offers a variety of ways to travel. So explore and enjoy your trip!

An incredible adventure on the islands of Ithaca and Cerophonus in Lefkada

In conclusion, nothing would complete your Balinese itinerary better than savouring the expanse of the islands of √éthaca and Cerophon from Lefkada. The stunning scenery and vast panorama provided by the clear waters and towering mountains offer a unique and unforgettable viewpoint that will leave you with unforgettable memories. As you come into contact with nature, don’t miss the quiet coves, sun-kissed beaches and trade winds, tasty local produce and rich culture. Once you die from your adventures and leave the island, you’ll be able to summon memories that will always be as vivid as the day you experienced them.